How Improper Tree Care Can Bring Termites to Your Doorstep

25 July 2019
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No matter where you live in Australia, there is always a risk that termites might be on the prowl nearby. This is why it is important that you ensure you don't do anything that might bring foraging termites onto your property. Once termites sense the presence of some tasty deadwood in the vicinity, it can be difficult to get rid of them.

No matter how well you protect your home, if your tree care isn't up to scratch, the termites will come anyway. If your garden contains at least one tree, ensure that you don't make the following mistakes in regards to tree care.

Improper Pruning Can Bring Termites

When pruning your trees, you should always be careful to remove branches in the correct manner. Cut a branch too closely to the trunk of your tree and your tree will struggle to heal the wound. Cut too far along a branch and the same is true. In both cases, the wood in and around the wound will die, and the decay could even spread to the rest of the tree.

Termites are always on the lookout for dead or decaying wood. What's more, they won't have any trouble getting to a branch no matter how high that branch may be. Termites will simply build one or more mud tunnels on the trunk of a tree and make their way toward the dead or dying wood.

Leaving Dead Branches Brings Termites

You should always ensure that you don't leave dead branches in your tree's canopy. Not only are dead branches dangerous in strong winds, but they are also delicious to hunting termites and will make a fine location for a satellite nest.

Leaving Tree Stumps to Rot Signals Foraging Termites

Tree stumps can feed a nearby termite colony for years because they don't just consist of the stump, but also the many roots attached to the stump, some of which may provide a bridge to your home. As a result, if you remove one of your trees, consider removing the stump too. Although it takes years for a stump to rot fully, termites can still feast on a partially decomposed stump.

Remember, if your tree care practices cause termites to build a satellite nest on your property, you might be unwittingly putting your home at risk of termite infestation. Have termites infiltrated a tree on your property? Call a pest control service before they turn their beady eyes toward your home.

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