Information You Need To Furnish Your Real Estate Agent With

5 August 2019
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You finally have financing to buy your dream home. But once you start your search for the perfect house, you will quickly realise that purchasing a home is not as easy as it seems. What should you do at this point? The answer is to hire a real estate agent. These professionals are better acquainted with houses that will meet your needs. To find the perfect home for you it is necessary to give the agent all the information pertinent to your wants and desires. Read on for crucial information that you need to furnish your real estate agent with so they can find the right house for you.

Your budget

Before you can begin any business with your real estate agent, you need to establish your budget. Your budget is crucial for a couple of things. First, this will be a guiding factor when your real estate agent begins to scour for houses on the market. Second, your budget will also dictate if you can pay the fees that your real estate agent will demand. Take note that real estate agents will price their services in different ways. Most will work solely for a commission, which is factored into the price of the house. Being aware of all these costs beforehand will ensure that there are no conflicts down the road.

Your preferred location

One of the first factors that will influence your budget when buying a home is the location that you choose. You may be interested in a location that is close to your office or perhaps your children's school, but the houses in that area might be beyond your budget. When you inform the real estate agent on a preferred area, they will try to locate a house in that location that is close to your budget or in a location near your preferred area. You can then whittle down your options based on what will suit your budget as well as your commute.

Your special requests

Houses are not built the same. Moreover, if there have been previous occupants, there could be some improvements that will encourage you to put down your money on one home over another. Therefore, it is best to inform your real estate agent about any special requests that you may have. For example, some homeowners may exclusively want a property with a swimming pool, a gym or even a basement. Your real estate agent will keep these considerations in mind when negotiating a property for you.

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