How a Locksmith Can Help You to Kick-Proof Your Door

30 September 2019
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Did you know that in 2015, Australia had the fifth highest number of burglaries in the world? Many of those burglaries are successful because homeowners mistakenly believe that their doors are secure against attacks by intruders. Unfortunately, unless you or a locksmith has recently replaced your door and its locks, it may be a point of vulnerability.

If you are worried about whether your front door can withstand a well-placed kick, the following tips can help you decide what to do next.

A Locksmith Can Secure Your Door With a Deadbolt

Do you have a deadbolt on your front and back doors? The simplest form of protection against forced entry through your front or back door is a deadbolt lock. Your standard door lock or latch is no defence against a burglar's kick because it extends about a paltry half an inch beyond the door into the doorjamb. A kick that is targeted at this area will easily break the lock.

However, a good-quality deadbolt lock that is installed in the correct manner will provide your door with an additional layer of protection against forced entry. There is where a locksmith can help.

A good deadbolt lock consists of the deadbolt lock, a box-strike plate and three-inch screws to secure the strike plate. A strike plate gets its name from how the latch strikes it as the door closes. However, a deadbolt strike plate doesn't work in this way since you don't activate the deadbolt until the door is already fully closed. Once closed, you turn the deadbolt lock and the bolt enters the box strike plate.

However, a deadbolt lock will be weak unless it is secured with three-inch screws. This is because smaller one-inch screws only extend as far as the doorjamb, making it vulnerable to kicks. However, three-inch screws extend beyond the doorjamb and into the wall, giving your deadbolt sturdy protection against kicks.

Hire a Reputable Locksmith

When searching for a locksmith, find one with a wealth of experience and with a good track record. A good locksmith will be able to recommend and install a high-quality deadbolt lock that will do more than simply look the part. Moreover, a good locksmith can even replace your existing door and door frame with one that is sturdy and can withstand a lot of punishment.

Are you worried that your front and back doors won't stand up to an intruder determined to force their way in? Then hire a locksmith to install a deadbolt lock and even replace your door.