Top Characteristics to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

16 December 2019
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How would you feel if you went into an office and a whiff of foul smell hit you immediately? Alternatively, would you be comfortable if the ceiling fan has layers of dust? The chances are that you will never go back to that office for fear of catching a disease. For this reason, it is vital to keep your premises squeaky clean at all times because it is a sure way to keep customers visiting your premises. Finding the right service provider needs careful consideration. This article looks at the characteristics you should look for in a professional commercial cleaning service.

Conducts Preliminary Office Survey -- Most facility managers know their premises like the back of their palm. As such, they can comfortably direct their commercial cleaning service provider on critical areas that need a thorough cleaning. A good cleaning company will follow these instructions to the letter. However, if you want excellent cleaning services, you need a service provider that does not only rely on your instructions alone. The service provider understands that the only way to offer the best possible service is to conduct a thorough preliminary survey of the office. The kind of assessment usually reveals a lot to the cleaning company, the most significant of which is the service provider's capability to pull off the project. For instance, if your office floor is covered with shag rugs and the service provider does not have a crevice tool, then it is highly likely that they will not clean the carpets adequately.

Quick Drying Vacuum Cleaners -- It is often good practice for businesses to hire cleaning services during the weekend so that the office is ready for use by the start of the following week. However, how quickly the space is made available depends on several factors, one of which is the type of carpet on your office floors. If you have thick carpets that require deep steam cleaning, then the service provider must start early so that they can allow enough time for the rugs to dry adequately. Nonetheless, this can prove tricky, especially if the weather conditions do not allow for fast drying of the carpet. In such situations, you need a cleaner who is equipped with the right tools. Steam cleaners with fast-drying settings are excellent pieces of equipment that a serious service provider should have. The devices dry out the moisture in the carpet thoroughly before hanging it out to dry naturally, thereby reducing the chances of mould growth.

Green Cleaning Products -- Commercial facilities receive guests from all lifestyles, and some people are sensitive to chemical products. Therefore, the types of cleaning products that a cleaning company uses must be friendly to the environment and humans. Therefore, take time and ask the service provider about the detergents they use, and if most contain chemicals that can cause irritations, look for another cleaner. Always ensure that the service provider you hire uses green cleaning products since they are safe.

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