Qualities to Look for When Searching for the Right Office Space Rental

3 February 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Launching your medium-sized enterprise is an exciting time. The prospect of running a successful company coupled with the satisfaction of bringing your business to life is thrilling, but this does not mean that you will not be burdened with a host of responsibilities. And one obligation that you need to attend to is selecting the right office space rental to run your operations out of.

For many people, the cost is the deciding factor when whittling down their options, but this should not be the only consideration you have in mind. Taking into account that this will be the central hub of your enterprise, you need to get your choice right the first time. To help you narrow down your options, check out the following qualities to look for when searching for the right office space rental.

Is the office space rental in an ideal location?

The first quality that should guide your choice of an office space rental is where the property is located. For some people, this may mean choosing a location close to their residence so that they do not have to spend hours commuting to work, but this is a selfish approach, more so if your employees come from different parts of the city or, in some cases, the outskirts. Instead, you should base your choice on location and on the amenities that are close to the office space.

Firstly, choose a location that can be easily accessed with various transport systems, as this means it will be easy for most people to make their way to the premises. Secondly, select a location close to one or more shopping centres, as this allows your staff to run errands on their breaks rather than have to take time off work. Lastly, choose a location with adequate parking, as this minimises the inconvenience of having to either park far away from the property or, worse yet, pay for parking.

Does the lease include value-added services?

The second quality to look for when searching for the right office space rental is a property that comes with extra services in the lease. Certainly, the inclusion of value-added services is at the discretion of the commercial property owner. However, taking the time to narrow down your search to office spaces that offer these services can go a long way in reducing your company's long term expenses.

For example, you should inquire about whether fast internet connectivity is included in the lease, as digital communication is a must-have for any successful business. Without it, you cannot engage your customers via online chatting, VoIP calls, emails and so on. Other value-added services that you should ask about include janitorial services, landscaping, security and more. You can then select an office lease rental based on which property offers the best value for money.