Residential Designer FAQs

27 December 2022
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Residential property designers are an essential resource when building your home. The professional helps you create an appealing and functional home design. Below are some residential designer FAQs to help you understand the work of residential designers. 

How Do You Choose A Residential Designer? 

These pointers should help you choose a residential designer: 

  • Assess the designer's portfolio to determine their artistic skills. Besides pictures, visit a few properties. 
  • Evaluate the professional's design process. For instance, do they work with an experienced team? Do they send several designs to give you the freedom of choice?
  • Inquire about the designer's availability. It is a concern if you have short project timelines.
  • Consider designers with an excellent reputation. You can use their name to woo customers into paying top dollar for your property. 

At What Stage Do You Hire A Residential Designer? 

Hire a residential designer at the initial stages of building your home. Although the designer might not be an architect, they consult with them to establish suitable property designs. For example, the designer could give the architect insights into the size of the rooms, the specifications of access areas and windows, the location and orientation of bathrooms, the location of recreational areas and the proposed building materials. This information helps the architect and engineers design the structural features of the property. 

The residential designer also works with your contractor during the build phase. For instance, they conduct regular inspections to determine whether the structure aligns with the blueprints. Moreover, they give insights during the installation of electrical and plumbing lines. For example, they could instruct the contractor where to install sockets, bulb holders and AC ducts. 

What Should You Expect From Your Residential Designer? 

Once you hire the designer, they inquire how you envision your home. For example, how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor recreational areas? Do you want a large kitchen? The professional then makes some recommendations of their own to help improve the appeal of the property. For instance, they could develop lighting modes, wall murals and other interior design aspects. Moreover, they recommend how you can improve the property's functionality. For example, you could install energy-efficient features such as skylights to improve the building's efficiency. Once you agree with the designer, they send several designs and ask you to choose one. You are free to make a few twitches to customise the design. 

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